Paper Formatting Requirements

Submissions to ACM CCS 2017 must follow the new ACM conference template, which has been updated for 2017. Submissions should not use older ACM formats or non-standard formatting.

The page limit for CCS submissions is at most 12 pages body content using this format, with any number of additional pages for the bibliography, well-marked appendices, and any desired supplementary material. When relevant, submitters may include reviews from past submissions and responses to them in the supplementary material. Reviewers are not required to consider the appendices or supplementary material, however, so submissions need to be intelligible and convincing without them. Submissions not meeting these guidelines, or playing games to work around page limits, will be rejected by the PC chairs without review. In particular, papers should not use squeezing tricks to adjust the (already very dense) ACM paper format, and moving discussion of key related work or important definitions to appendices may be grounds for rejection.

Because the provided format does not yet work well for most people and the ACM has not been responsive in fixing it, we have created a new and simpler version of this template to use for ACM CCS 2017 submissions: Your submission should start from the provided template: ccs-template.tex.

If you are using something other than LaTeX to produce your paper, see the ACM Master Article Template site for links to versions of the template for Word. If you are using something else, you will need to create a fomat that closely resembles the specified ACM format.